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Alphadia is collaborating with various research centers, universities or private partners. If you want to discuss about a possible collaboration, do note hesitate to contact us.



Alvedia is a French company which proposes a range of rapid test for veterinary blood typing (notably for cats and dogs).

Alphadia is representing Alvedia'sproducts in Belgium and Luxemburg


Scimedx is an American company which produces a large range of immunofluresence diagnostic kits (cells and tissues). Immunofluorescence is the gold standard for the diagnosis of auto-immune diseases.

Alphadia is distributing Scimedx's products in Belgium and in some other countries.


Ravo Diagnostika is a German company which develops and produces in vitro diagnostic kits for Paraneoplastic Synrdome.

Alphadia is distributing Ravo's kits in Belgium and in some other countries.


Testline belongs to Biovendor group. Testline dévelops and produces in vitro diagnostic kits for infectious diseases. They notably produces automated kits on BlueDiver Instrument such as Lyme disease, Helicobacter pilory or Syphilis.

Alphadia is the exclusive distributor in Belgium and Luxembourg of these automated kits on BlueDiver Instrument.


The Belgian company D-tek develops and produces diagnostic kits for human auto-immune diseases. D-tek notably proposes automated kits thanks to their BlueDiver Instrument and BlueDiver Instrument II.

Alphadia is distributing kits manufactured by D-tek.


Phytoxigene is an Australian company which has developed PCR diagnostic kit for the detection of cyanobacteria in recreative waters.

Alphadia is distributing Phytoxigene's kits in Belgium and Luxemburg.